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Publish your own courses

Build courses by re-using presentations or videos you already have. We can provide help with producing content for a fee. Your courses can be private or public depending on your preference.


businesses choose 

Learn Hq.

Measure Engagement & Performance

Assign relevant courses to staff and measure course progress, time spent, progress breakdown, quiz performance etc

Workplace Learning

Access multiple courses and assign to your employees for a reduced cost or just access all courses for a monthly subscription


Bring your courses to life with Badges, Points, Levels, Rewards and Leader boards. Customize your gamification experience to the maximum through the Gamification Engine


Extensive reporting about everything within your environment. A timeline of all system actions for access to what happened, by whom and when. A reports generator to delve into details

Assesments Engine

Support for multiple types of questions and a variety of test types. Extensive reporting on test results

Blended Learning

Mix with instructor-led training. Deliver instructor-led training events either in a classroom or via video-conferencing

Video Conferencing Support

Our platform is fully integrated with videoconferencing features. Share whiteboard, presentation or even share screen with others


Work over a secure communication channel. Enforce strong passwords. Add watermarks on your videos. No matter your security requirements, Learner Me has you covered

Web Standards

Built on top of the latest web standards and technologies


Blazing fast servers combined with Amazon's CDN for speedy file delivery

User Interface

Responsive design that fits any device. Scalable visual elements that are retina screen ready. Mobile friendly- native application for iOS and Android devices

Why Us

Meet the Team


Our focus is to prepare you for the future through an innovative technology based online platform. Learn HQ, will allow you to have engaging educational experience. It will help prepare all participants to become innovative professionals, resilient self-motivated life long-learners and thinkers.

The online courses can be developed by any education provider, university, businesses.  Courses can be private or public, depending on the preference of the course developer. Participants progress will be mapped to provide feedback for continuous improvement, thereby enhancing the outcome for all concerned.

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Simon Singh

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"Head Honcho (CEO)"

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127 Gill Street, New Plymouth

06 241 0550

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